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Ram Golf PROFESSIONAL Dual Grain Putting Mat with Distance Markers and Slope

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Product Description

This putting mat is the professional's choice for developing precision and accuracy in your putting stroke.

With markers for distance up to 305cm, as well as indicators for your backswing and follow-through and alignment, this putting mat will help focus your practice like never before.

Practice for every distance. Nail down what the stroke for every distance feels like, and if you start making more putts from within 8ft, your scores will come tumbling down.

This is also a dual speed putting mat. Using the included sweep, you can have the grain either with you or into you, for a faster or slower putt, so you develop a feel for different greens, or putts that are uphill or downhill.

This dual grain feature also gives an extra nice feature - ball traces. Once you've swept the green into whichever break you want, the path of the ball will be shown after you've hit it, so you can really analyze and correct your putt.

There's also two slope ramps included as well, so you can work on hitting a particular break.

This really is the professional's choice when it comes to a portable, indoor putting mat.

  • Overall dimension: 305 x 46cm
  • Folded dimension: 46 x 18.5cm
  • Weight: 2kgs