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Forgan of St Andrews 1860 Chipper, 37° Loft, Mens Right Hand

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Product Description

Revolutionise your touch around the green with this chipper.

In an ideal world, we'd all have the touch of a Tour Pro, hitting delicate chips and flops and getting up and down, time after time. But for those of us who struggle with constantly fatting or thinning those fiddly little shots, a chipper may be the answer.
  • TIME TO DIAL IN YOUR SCORES - For those of us that struggle with those tricky shots from just off the green, our chipper is for you. Swing it like you would a putter, to get the ball up and airborne, landing softly and rolling towards the flag
  • QUALITY CONSTRUCTION - A stainless steel head gives you great feel and feedback, while the cavity back design makes it even more forgiving. High quality Forgan grip
  • 37° CHIPPER LOFT - Perfect loft to get the ball over the rough/fringe and onto the green. The wide sole makes it almost impossible to fat or thin a chip - imagine what that will do to your scores
  • ALIGNMENT AID - The bold dual stripe alignment aid helps you line up right. Because now you aren't hoping to keep it on the green - you are thinking about making it
  • SPECS - Steel shaft, 35.5" long, 37° loft.