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Golf Clubs – Chippers – Advantages of Chippers

Golf Clubs – Chippers – Advantages of Chippers

If you’re keen to find out what the advantages are of using a chipper on the golf course, read our explanation below.

Many golfers still use chippers as they are a sure fire way to ensure that you get your golf ball off the rough. However, a chipper must be used correctly in order for it to be affective and improve your golf club performance overall.  

A chipper is very similar to a putter but it has more loft which is used for chipping. A chipper has the same shaft and grip as a putter and is used with the same stroke. A chipper is used on the fringe and around the greens usually when the ball has landed in the rough. A chipper has 30 degrees of loft and is used to produce a chip and run golf club shot but without the difficulties which can occur when using a wedge. 

This type of golf club is mainly aimed at older golf players who may have difficulty producing wrist and arm speeds that will enable them to hit wedge chips.

What are the advantages of Using A Chipper?

  • A Chipper encourages proper takeaway and follow through.
  • A chipper ensures that your hands stay ahead of the ball at address and follow through.
  • A chipper enables a triangle to be held throughout your golf club swing.
  • A chipper promotes a late release of the golf club head.
  • A chipper encourages the formation of a straight line from the left arm down the shaft.
  • The oversize grip on a chipper trains hands and wrists from breaking down.
  • The heavy shaft of a chipper encourages the use of the large muscles.
  • A chipper trains golfers to hit against the left side.
  • A chipper trains golfers to take back in one piece and follow through in one piece.
  • Immediate feedback since an improper follow-through will cause the upper part of the shaft to hit against the left side of the upper body.

Tips On Chipping From PGA Tour Star, John Daly

“When I play in a pro-am, the first thing I notice about my amateur partners is that they struggle to control distance with their chips. You won't be a good player until you learn how to chip it close and turn a missed green into a par save.”

  • You've got to have loose hands. Tension in the grip of your golf club is the number one cause of bad chippers.
  • Play the golf ball back in your stance - this helps make sure the golf club hits the ball first and the ground second.
  • Keep your left wrist firm. The lead hand's wrist should not break until after the ball is on its way.

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