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Golf Clubs – Techniques of a Tiger

Golf Clubs – Techniques of a Tiger

Tiger Woods’ techniques with his golf clubs are analysed and examined in minute detail – but the key is self belief.

Tiger’s winning techniques are raked over and over by golfing experts, professionals, coaches and wannabes who watch closely how he handles his golf clubs. But perhaps his name is a clue – there is something animalistic and instinctive about the success of his game.

Self belief

When questioned in a British newspaper, The Guardian, about his winning techniques and consistent success with his golf clubs, Tiger’s answer was revealing.“I guess the best way to describe it is that it's the only thing that's going to happen. The ball has absolutely no options: it will go in,” Tiger told the paper.

His self belief is the one technique that really can’t be taught, but is a quality found in all of the top athletes, not just those who play with golf clubs. And it’s as if internal and unconscious techniques take over his body when he picks up his golf clubs to play a crucial shot. Tiger said he has ‘blackout’ moments during key shots when the adrenaline is pumping during a tournament, when he can’t remember taking the shot.


Intriguingly, Woods practised self-hypnosis when he was a boy – one of the techniques that can help eliminate distractions when you are making a crucial shot with your golf clubs. Now, he uses self-hypnosis automatically and unconsciously when he needs it in his game. He is able to bring his heart-rate down if he needs to. His ability to shape himself to the game led him to being described as being, ‘made of the same stuff as the liquid-metal cyborg in Terminator 2: if you break it, it reforms.’ The success of using self-hypnosis as one of his winning techniques is he can execute a shot with his golf clubs free of any anxieties or interference.

Telekinesis techniques

Some have even claimed that Tiger has telekinesis when he uses his golf clubs – the ability to move objects with his mind – as his golf techniques are so perfect and seemingly unconquerable.

“I will never say that I have telekinesis,” he told the Guardian. “But I do think that when I am in that moment when my concentration is the highest, when it's at its peak, I see things more clearly, and things happen slower. And I think they happen easier. When that moment happens, it's like it's magic. I wish I could be down the stretch in a major championship every week, because it's the calmest I ever feel.”

World’s number one

There’s no doubt that Tiger Woods is going to beat Jack Nicklaus’ record of 18 major victories. In fact, 18 major victories seems a little short-sighted for the world’s number one player who combines technique, skill and self belief to be the best player we have ever seen pick up a set of golf clubs.

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