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Golf Clubs – Records – Travel Golfer Aims To Set World Record

Golf Clubs – Records – Travel Golfer Aims To Set World Record

Amateur golf player, Richard Suozzo attempts to break the record for most golf courses played.

Richard Suozzo is an amateur golfer who has taken his golf playing to the extreme, having played in some of the most inhibiting environments in the world. For example, when he was swinging his golf clubs in a South African national park, he had to sign an insurance waiver on his life in case one of the wild animals surrounding the golf course, came out and killed him!

Suozzo certainly likes to take risks when he’s playing golf which is why he is hoping to gain a place in the Guinness Book of World Records. As a non-competing amateur golf player, Suozzo is aiming to break the record for the most golf courses played. He has already swung his golf clubs in over 530 golf courses and has many more planned throughout the world.

"I know the pros who have been playing for 50 years like Jack Nicklaus and Gary Player are probably up in the thousands," he said. "But, as a non-competing amateur, I might have a shot."

Unlike the pro golfers, Suozzo won’t have his expenses paid for him to achieve his ultimate record. As a teacher and a part-time umpire in Mount Vernon, New York, he has to choose his money and of his golf course destinations very carefully. He plans to swing his golf clubs on between 60-75 new golf courses per year for the next 5 years which will bring him up to approximately 1000 courses.

When Suozzo sets off on his golf course challenge he often travels across the country with only his tent and golf clubs. He says that he only has a general idea of where he wants to play when he sets off and just decides whether he likes the course when he gets there! But with the world record in sight, Suozzo will probably find he will have to be slightly more disciplined when it comes to choosing the right course.

When Suozzo travels overseas, he plans his itineraries more carefully as he has to be aware of the culture he is playing in. For example, when he last played in South Africa, he was held at gun point when he stopped his car 5 streets away from the Presidential Palace! Despite this incident, South Africa is one of Suozzo’s favourite countries where he loves nothing better than swinging his golf clubs and he is hoping that he will be able to increase his golf course number here to achieve his world record goal.

In all, Suozzo has taken his golf clubs to 10 countries and 27 states which sets him well on his way to achieving the world record he desires.

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